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Reuters: to Participate in the privatization will, probably, only Russian oligarchs


The Agency Reuters citing its own sources in business and government reported that the shares of the largest enterprises, most likely, will be able to buy only Russian oligarchs.


The Russian government is forced to privatize, on the background of the collapse in oil prices hasn’t formed a “hole” in the state budget. Authorities have already announced the launch of a large-scale privatisation plan, however, as Reuters reports, before the assets are ready to admit only Russian oligarchs, in order to impose their additional taxes.

It is noted that from privatization of state assets, the authorities intend to get from 500 to 800 billion rubles. According to the data available to the Agency Reuters, the government intends to sell the shares of such largest corporations as Rosneft, Bashneft, Sovcomflot, VTB and ELROS. It is noted that at the Moscow stock exchanges is to be sold part of these shares.

“Yandex” exclude sites without a mobile version of search


The leadership of the Russian IT company “Yandex” reports that the resource developers have begun to exclude sites without a mobile version of search queries. This information appeared in official company blog.


“Yandex” begins to exclude from the search line sites without a mobile version, reported in the official blog of the Corporation. Online resources available from the mobile version will appear on the first places in the search, whereas sites without version for smartphones will drop much lower, and the result of the query in the search box from your computer and mobile phone user will get completely different answers.

The website with the mobile version is suitable for use in “Yandex” in the absence of horizontal scrolling, bloopers and shifts must be absent, and the content of the resource should be fully optimized for the Corporation. Among one million sites are fully optimized only 18 per cent, to check the work of the resource by using the application “Yandex. Webmaster”.

Researcher: Turkish factories illegally employing Syrian children


A researcher from the organization for the protection of labor rights Business & Human Rights Daniel Macmillan conducted its own investigation and found that in many enterprises in Turkey on production of clothing illegally employing Syrian children. This practice is widespread in Turkey and also the largest manufacturers for H&M and Next admitted that he found at the enterprises of the exploitation of child labour.


During the investigation, a human rights activist Daniel Mackmaine managed to find that on the territory of the Turkish state illegal operates close to 400 children from Syria. This researcher noted that a third of working children are minors, the exploitation of labour which is punishable by law.

Note that this is not the first time that the European countries exploited children from the Middle East who came to seek asylum without their parents. So, for the entire period of the migration of the crisis lost close to 10 thousand Syrian children, that the authorities simply throw up their hands, and the police feared that children could fall into sexual slavery by criminal gangs.

Gertrude Stein



A free woman is the one who allows himself sex before marriage and a job after the wedding.

Date of birth: 3 February 1874
Date of death: July 27, 1946 (72 years)

Gertrude Stein — American writer.

In 2017 will be on sale after the new coupe Audi A5


In 2017 the German company Audi will present on the market coupe Audi A5. Experts believe that the new product will rival the BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63, transmit foreign observers of the market.


Company Audi has announced the release of a new model coupe Audi A5. It is reported that in comparison with the earlier generation of Audi the fifth version has more impressive dimensions. This feature suggests that for the Audi A5, the automaker has provided a more spacious and comfortable interior.

Suspension news from Audi is nearly identical to nodes set to A4. But in the A5 weight lose about a hundred pounds that will have a positive impact on the rate of acceleration and reduce fuel consumption.

Under the hood Audi A5 hide from 506 to 450 “horses”. Motor group the “five” will be presented by V8 and V6 engines volume of 1.6 and 2 liters. The new Audi A5 will be released as petrol and diesel engines and hybrid motors according to the type of A3 Sportback e-tron.

Since entering the market Audi A5 coupe planned for 2017, we can expect the presentation of the “five” during the showrooms in Los Angeles, scheduled for November, or in Detroit, which will be held in January 2017.

Medvedev: anti-crisis plan 2016 will be held at least one meeting


Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that during the revision of the anti-crisis plan of the current year the government needs to find a reasonable balance between the financial capacity and the necessary measures for economic growth.


The Ministry of economic development evaluated the anti-crisis plan of about 750 billion rubles, and the Ministry of Finance has proposed to reduce it by 200 billion rubles. In this regard, the government is conducting new discussions on improvements of the anti-crisis plan 2016. At the moment, no concrete outcome yet. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that this issue should be approached not quickly and responsibly.

Medvedev said that among the proposed measures there are a number of proposals that are worthy of discussion. For example, the government propose to support a number of industries, which gives the total positive effect. Among these industries are automobile manufacturing, agriculture, and transport. The Prime Minister noted that to finalize the anti-crisis plan will be at least another meeting.

What awaits Russia’s economy in 2016?


A week ago Rosstat has published a report on key indicators of the Russian economy by the end of 2015. According to the Ministry, last year, with inflation of almost 13%, real incomes of Russians decreased by only 4%. Ministry of economic development said that in 2016 the growth rate of prices in Russia will decrease, and at year-end inflation will not exceed 10.4 per cent. Judging by the forecasts, the peak of the crisis is behind us, so in 2016 the Russians should not fear further reduction of income. But can we trust the promises of officials?


We remember what was the beginning of the 2015th

2014 Russia ended with inflation at 15.4% and increased GDP by 0.6%. Despite a slight growth by the end of 2014, early 2015 among Russians reigned panic: in the period of new year holidays the population stood in long queues at the currency exchange offices in the hope of rising to buy euros and dollars. The shortage of currency in banks and excessive demand for foreign currency unit the Russians have crashed the ruble by almost a third to 68 rbl./$ and 78 rubles./€. Those who failed to convert rubles into more stable foreign currency, stormed the shops of home and digital technology. The owners of tekhnomarket calculated the profit, and the buyers were all too happy to buy equipment, the prices of which were set taking into account previous exchange rate.

In the beginning of 2015, the ruble brought down the fall in oil prices. In January, less than a month the price of a barrel of North sea Brent mix fell from $57 to $ 49, but already in February the average cost of a benchmark barrel of Brent crude oil rose to $60. In the Wake of the oil and the ruble strengthened to 61 rubles per dollar and 68 rubles./€.

What we have now?

In 2016, Russia joined with 3.7% GDP contraction and another round of falling oil prices. In January 2016, the price of Brent crude fell to a 12-year low of $25, and rouble quotations have reached 80 rubles./$ and 87 RUB/€. Despite the apparent similarity of negative trends in the Russian economy first months of 2015 and 2016, in the beginning of this year in the country there was no sign of a currency panic. At the same time, bankers have indicated is not typical for January, the growth in demand for consumer loans. In HCF-Bank “the Renaissance the credit” alpha Bank, OTP Bank and Rusfinance Bank recorded an unexpected increase POS of a portfolio of organizations whose values was lower than in November 2015. According to the Deputy Chairman of HCF-Bank Alexander Antonenko, on the background of the devaluation of retailers raised prices for vehicles in average 30-40%, but in anticipation of rising prices people have decided to advance the acquisition of the necessary equipment. Unlike January 2015, January 2016 the vast majority of purchases were made on credit. This feature bankers associated with the fact that the population has no spare cash.

In comparison with the year 2015 fell and the purchasing power of Russians. According to the study, “Ivanov Index”, conducted by Sberbank CIB, at the end of 2015 64% of Russians were concerned about inflation in the country, another 30% of citizens of the Russian Federation concerned about the monetary irregular. In December 58%of citizens of Russia admitted sociologists from the Levada center that began to save on food, while last year the figure was 37%. Due to the depreciation of the ruble, many Russians were forced to abandon trips abroad during new year holidays.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst

In 2016, the foreign analysts predict the Russian economy further decline. Senior Vice-President of the group sovereign risk, international rating Agency Moody’s Kristin Lindow believes that this year will be a real challenge for the Russian economy. The strongest factor of influence on economic stability of Russia remains the oil price. According to Lindow, a barrel of Brent will reach values at $60 before the end of 2016, while Russia must prepare for a prolonged period of low energy prices.

Will add problems to the Russian economy and the extension of sanctions of EU and USA. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has admitted that sanctions had 25-30% of the decrease of key economic indicators 2015. Prolongation of sanctions restrictions against Russia in 2016 will only exacerbate the situation so difficult in the Russian economy, as the sanctions involve the restriction of trade and denial of loans banks of the Russian Federation. Credit under the moratorium of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) were the largest players on the Russian financial market: “Sberbank of Russia”, VTB, Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank and Rosselkhozbank.

In the face of shrinking revenues from energy sales, Russia’s economy is in dire need of additional funds, the search paths which involve few choices for the maneuvers: the sale of gold and currency reserves of the Russian Federation, which will automatically lead to a further fall of the ruble, the increase in the tax burden on businesses or reduce benefits. Each option is fraught with growth of social tension in the country, what the government would least of all in light of the upcoming elections to the state Duma.

In the absence of a credible program of state support of business and inflation manufacturers and service providers are forced to revise their prices. One of the most painful issues for the Russians is tariffs for housing and communal services. Since the right to set tariffs for communal services owns several businesses that, in fact, are monopolists, the government has decided not to let the process of price formation in housing and communal services on the course and set the maximum allowable price increase for each category of utilities. So, the cost of electricity will rise by no more than 11%, the maximum increase of prices for heating will amount to 9%, gas for households will rise by 8.5%, company same for the “blue fuel” will pay 7.5% more than in 2015.

The country’s leadership promises to take care of state employees and socially unprotected layers of the population. 1 February pension payments were re-indexed at 4%, while in October 2016 the Ministry of labor was scheduled to perform a reindex of the salaries of public sector workers for inflation. However, the Ministry did not explain how state employees should live up to the promised increase in wages. Yes and a 4% increase in pensions looks mere cents amid rising prices for utilities and food. However, there are reasons to be optimistic. Thanks to the zeal of Russian farmers in 2015, agricultural sector became almost the only area of the economy that stood in the face of all trials, showing a decrease of 0.1%. Positive delivers signals and the world Bank, prediksi the Russian economy rapid growth in 2017. Yes and entrepreneurs from Europe rather tired of the restrictions on doing business with Russian partners. According to the head of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs Elmar Brok, in March the EU may lift sanctions against Russia that will have a significant stimulating effect on the Russian economy.

Apparently, March will be a landmark month for Russia. According to the speaker of Sovfeda Valentina Matvienko, in the end of the first quarter of 2016 to clarify the situation with the further dynamics of world prices for oil, which will be based on the revised budget. At the same time the EU to decide fate of anti-Russian sanctions. While the government awaits developments in the global markets of raw materials and shifts in political relations, ordinary citizens are forced to cut your budget and learn to save.

Scientists have identified the most fateful parades of planets in the history of mankind


The most unique, mysterious and at the same time ominous astronomical phenomenon considered planets. On the question of why this phenomenon is considered to be ominous, employs many scientists around the world, analyzing the events occurring on Earth for many years the existence of life on it.


On 2 February of the current year it will be exactly 54 years from the time when scientists had recorded a large parade of planets. That very day in a row lined up the seven planets of the solar system such as Venus, mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. Astrologers noted that the parade of 1962 was one of the largest in the history of mankind. He is second only to the parade of planets, recorded 1989, when in one row lined up nine planets of the solar system.

This astronomical event has become a favorite story in the series of science fiction books and movies that tell about parts of the world. It is worth remembering only the movie “2012” which was dedicated to the Apocalypse predicted by many experts. Then it is the major planetary alignment caused the melting of glaciers, rising level of oceans and as a consequence the flooding of the entire globe.

The fateful parades of planets in the history of mankind
Astronomical event – a parade of planets, scientists believe one of the most beautiful phenomena. However, in spite of all the beauty and uniqueness, some parades of planets caused fatal changes in the development of the Earth and of the history of mankind. To such conclusion scientists-astrologers, who for many years studied this phenomenon and the history of mankind.


Thus, the most significant is the parade of planets that occurred on 26 thousand ice ago, which has become a cause of abrupt climate change on the planet and extinction of all life. The repetition of the Apocalypse astrologers waited in December 2012, when the predicted end of the world. That day the planets were supposed to line up in the same way as thousands of years ago. However, fortunately, the scientists ‘ predictions did not materialize.

Another planetary alignment that brought on the Ground of the enormous changes that occurred in the spring of 1941, after which was finally approved the plan “Barbarossa” and the beginning of the great Patriotic war. Also during this period there were many earthquakes in different parts of the world.

A small cluster of celestial bodies such as Sun, mercury, Venus and Jupiter in July 1776 was the cause of the independence of the United States of America, say astrologers.

In 1962, in a row lined up mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. This year was the peak of the Caribbean crisis, which could cause the Third world war, which fortunately did not happen.

A similar planetary alignment in 1982 led to the death of the Soviet state and party leader Leonid Brezhnev.

That parade of planets, which “line up” at the beginning of February this year, scientists also don’t make positive predictions. According to astrologers, during this period the inhabitants of the planet will open the “third eye”, and will highlight the significant health problems. Specialists are also expected in this period of the beginning of the terrible natural disasters, but still find it difficult to explain from a scientific point of view, justify their predictions.

In parades of planets there is nothing supernatural
Despite the many fatal events that occurred in the same year as the parade of planets, many professionals still do not find anything supernatural and mystical. It is astrophysicists refuse to believe the assumptions and predictions of astrologers, because they do not find scientific confirmation.

Astrophysicists claim that the parade of planets is quite logical natural phenomenon. It is due to the fact that all the planets of the solar system move at its speed and its trajectory, and it is logical that sometimes they will overlap in the same plane. All mystical and fateful events in the history of mankind, happened in one year with an astronomical phenomenon, is nothing more than a coincidence.

According to astrophysicists, the people and this year should not be afraid of the terrible consequences of this alignment.

When will the next significant planetary alignment
Scientists reported that in the spring of 2022, the mankind waits for the next big parade of planets. Then in a line line up of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Saturn. This astronomical phenomenon could not be considered residents of the Russian Federation. However, astrologers reassured the Russians that they can observe such phenomenon in the summer of that year, when one number will rise mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that, undoubtedly, all people can feel, on your health effects of astronomical phenomena. This is because some celestial bodies are in one plane can have an impact on all life on Earth. However, apocalyptic events, which in recent years increasingly fond of doing astrology, I should not believe, astrophysicists believe, because they have not found a scientific explanation, but it’s just speculation and projection, built on the knowledge gained some time ago.

Timoschenko fordert die USA und Großbritannien zu Verhandlungen über die Donbass


Der Ukrainische Politiker und der Führer der Partei «Batkivschina» Julia Timoschenko fordert die Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika und Großbritannien nehmen an den Verhandlungen über die Situation im östlichen Teil der Ukraine. Solche Informationen überträgt eine Presse-das Zentrum der politischen Partei.


Der ehemalige Premierminister-der Minister der Ukraine und Politiker Julia Timoschenko forderte Großbritannien und die USA, eine aktive Rolle in den Verhandlungen und der Mediation über die Situation in der Donbass. Timoschenko ist der Auffassung, dass die Vereinbarungen, die in Minsk, nicht genügend Einfluss auf die Wiederherstellung des Friedens im Land und die USA und Großbritannien benutzen Verhandlungen als Garanten des Gefangenen Budapester Memorandum, unterzeichnet im Jahr 1994.

Diese Behauptung von Tymoshenko hat im Rahmen des Business-Meeting mit dem stellvertretenden Außenministerin der Vereinigten Staaten Victoria Nuland während des eigenen Besuchs in den USA. Timoschenko betonte die Notwendigkeit, die Korruption zu bekämpfen, noch mehr die Ukraine, unter anderem, vorgeschlagen, um die Reformen im Schiffs-System und in den Organen der Rechtsordnung.

Reuters: die Teilnahme an der Privatisierung in der Lage, wahrscheinlich, nur die Russischen Oligarchen


Die Agentur Reuters unter Berufung auf eigene Quellen in der Wirtschaft und in der Regierung berichtete, dass die größten Aktienpakete der Unternehmen werden wahrscheinlich in der Lage zu erlösen nur die Russischen Oligarchen.


Die russische Regierung gezwungen, die Durchführung der Privatisierung, um vor dem hintergrund des Zusammenbruchs der ölpreise nicht bildete sich ein “Loch” im Staatshaushalt. Die Behörden haben bereits angekündigt, die Durchführung einer groß angelegten Plan zur Privatisierung, jedoch, wie berichtet, Reuters, bis госактивов bereit sind, zu verhindern, dass nur die Russischen Oligarchen, damit in der Folge zu Ihren zusätzlichen Steuern.

Es wird bemerkt, dass von der Privatisierung des Staatsvermögens Behörden beabsichtigen, erhalten von 500 bis 800 Milliarden Euro. Gemäß den Daten, die die Agentur Reuters, die Regierung beabsichtigt Verkauf von Aktien der größten Konzerne wie “Rosneft”, “BASHNEFT”, “SCF”, АЛРОС und VTB. Es wird bemerkt, dass auf der Moskauer Börsen verkauft werden Teil der oben genannten Aktienpakete.